Auto-Pay Membership Hold/Freeze REQUEST Form

This form must be submitted at least 5 business days before next payment date for changes to be effective for that payment date. Please note this is a REQUEST to hold form. Once we receive your request form we will notify you via email within 24 hours to inform you if your hold request was denied or approved. If your request is approved your hold submission form is your agreement of the hold terms and conditions. If your request was approved & received 5 days prior to your next billing date this change will be effective for your upcoming membership payment, otherwise you will be billed one more month before changes are effective.

Membership Hold Terms: I may hold my membership for up to two (2) months during the term of this Contract for qualifying reasons such as; extended business travel, or if temporarily injured with an appropriate doctor’s note. A hold may be granted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Knockout Women’s Boxing Club with a written notice to Knockout Women’s Boxing Club at least five (5) days prior to next billing date. Membership holds can only be granted for whole months based on billing dates. The cost to hold is twenty dollars ($20.00) per each month during the term of the hold, regardless of reason. Months held will be added to the end of the term of this Contract.

Placing your membership on hold:

Membership holds are considered when requested on a case-by-case basis. If your hold request is granted the following terms apply. Membership holds can be done (1) time per calendar year for up to two (2) consecutive months, with a minimum of one (1) month. Knockout Women's Boxing Club does not offer partial month holds and holds can only begin on your billing date. Upon expiration of Hold your hold period, your account will automatically become active and payments shall resume. There is a $20 monthly fee to hold your auto-pay membership. During your hold period your membership CANNOT be canceled. Holding your membership allows you to maintain your current membership rate, whereas cancellation of your memberships forfeits your current membership rate and you will be subject to a rate increase upon returning to Knockout Women's Boxing Club in the future. It is your responsibility to remember your billing date and when your hold will lift.

By submitting this form I agree to abide by the following guidelines regarding my request to place my membership on hold: