Memorial Day Workout

Knockout is closed but that doesn't mean you can't get some good training in! Here is a simple, but challenging at-home (or outdoor) training session! Read More

Boys Allowed

Knockout is now Co-Ed! After 6 years of being women only, we want to welcome guys to come train at KOTC! Knockout has so much to offer and it's time to open our doors to men & women. There aren't many places people can go and truly learn how to train safely and effectively. Yes there are a lot of fitness options out there, but what we offer is different in so many ways. Knockout offers purposeful, structured, progressive training, a supportive community and expert coaching. Our purpose is to make you stronger and help you move better. You can go anywhere and get a "calorie torching" workout, but that doesn't mean you will leave better than you walked in. But at Knockout you will you leave stronger everyday! Read More

June KO of the Month: Trish

We are so excited to announce that Trish is our June KO of the Month! Trish has been with us for 4 and a half years...let's just say being named KO of the Month is LONG overdue! She works hard in every training session and is a shining light in our community.  Always welcoming, friendly and encouraging of her fellow KOs.  She is getting stronger everyday and we are excited to continue watching her grow & progress.  Please give her a big congrats and read her story below! Read More

June Training

It's summertime Knockouts! That means finding the balance between gym time and getting outdoors. Our goal this month is to continue building your strength & conditioning while also leaving you with enough time & energy to get outside and enjoy the weather! Read More

June Challenge: Get Active Outdoors

The summer weather is FINALLY here! That means we get to spend more time outside! So our June Challenge will be to get active outdoors at LEAST three times per week. Read More

Kettlebell Training at Knockout!

We are excited to launch Kettlebell Training at Knockout! Knockout approaches kettlebell & strength training using the StrongFirst philosophy & system. StrongFirst is The School of Strength! Kettlebell training is a practice. This means that when you embark on your kettlebell training journey at Knockout it's not just a workout. It's a discipline and the focus will be mastering the foundational skills. Read More

What to do on your non-KO days

When you join a big box gym you are equipped with one thing equipment. And typically when you hire a personal trainer in a "regular gym" you get one thing training for that day. When you join a training club like Knockout you get everything you need to build or maintain a healthy life and be your best in and out of the gym. Read More

What are KO Tribe Meetings?

Each month Coach Jess will hold an in-person meeting at KOTC to discuss a topic related to health and fitness. We will also stream these meetings on FB live. Our goal with these meetings is to bring our tribe together in-person to learn and grow. We want to educate you and provide you with information to help you be your best in and out of the gym. Read More

Knockout Training Week of 5/1/17 & 5/8/17

Monday: Kettlebells Learn how to swing and do the Turkish get up. This is a skill and strength based session with a KB conditioning finisher. Read More

May Training Focus, KB Class, Schedule

Our training focus for May will be SKILL & MOVEMENT! What does that mean? We are going to pull back a little on lifting heavier loads and really hone in on our skill. Why? Because strength is a skill. Learning how to move your body well and through full range of motion takes some practice. We all have little weak links in our chain and there is no benefit to grinding through heavy weights with poor form & position...that only leads to injury down the road. Read More